May 3, 2009

Gardening goings-on

The seeds we planted are all doing well. But what is REALLY doing well is the volunteer collards and squash growing right out of compost pit behind the garden. Tom kept cutting them down, cutting them down, cutting them down. He finally gave up and just let them grow (they're flowering now and going to seed, but that's okay with T).

Here are the collards NOT being grown in the garden, but in the compost heap (as well as T's new hairdo, which did successfully get cut down) ...

The squash hasn't blossomed yet, but here it is along with the collards...

We also had volunteer garlic shoot up as well. We decided to uproot the garlic and plant them in the garden beds. Here they are, looking a little wilted after the transplanting...

The lettuce is coming along...

as is the Swiss chard.

The cauliflower, however, isn't doing so well. We went a bit too long between rainfalls and didn't get them watered so they are struggling.

The turnips are as happy as could be. (Gee, I'm not sure either one of us even likes turnips ... but they're so easy to grow T's a believer now.)

Now the spinach is the real success story. Beautiful, eh?

Last weekend we harvest the biggest leaves and had ourselves a nice side salad. We'll have another one tonight! YUM.

I think all of you who get TY's Veggie Garden delivered to your email are aware that we are in the process of purchasing a home. Everything seems to be a go for a closing date of May 19. Exciting and overwhelming all at the same time!

As far as the garden is concerned, yes we are bummed about having spent a lot of effort getting it ready and now having to abandon it. But at the same time, we look VERY forward to putting our efforts into a long-term garden that we can work and nurture for years to come (no more moving, yay!) We will continue to eat what comes up from this garden, but we won't plant anything else here. We'll keep updating TY's Veggie Garden blog for the remainder of May so you can continue watching its progress. Then sometime in late Summer (or possibly early Fall) we'll likely start planting at our NEW house - well not "new" but a house we own - and we'll start posting again.