May 31, 2016

Lots of Rain = Big Harvests

written by Yvonne

The week we were gone on a family vacation to OBX, it rained every day in Charlotte and the temps were quite cool. We returned to an abundance of greens in the garden.  I harvested:

  • enough collards for 5 days worth of smoothies,
  • enough lettuce for 4 days of big salads for lunch,
  • enough greens for 5 nights worth of dinners (main meals, not side dishes),
and STILL did not make a dent in what was available.

More rain happened then we headed to McClellanville, SC for a long Memorial Day weekend and came back to even MORE abundance.

Today I harvest what you see below which includes collards, (the last of the) lettuce, mint, Swiss Chard, carrots, raspberries, snow peas, purple cabbage, and dill.

This will be enough for 5 days of smoothies, 4 days of salads, and 3 nights of main-dish dinners.