September 24, 2012

General Update

written by Yvonne

It looks like Olive is trying to take all the credit, but Tom is the one who worked hard at weeding bed #3 to get it ready for a Fall/Winter planting.

Dwarf okra is becoming not so dwarf anymore...

but we're finally getting some okra.

Cowpeas, borolotto beans and okra seems to be happy all squished together.

This is the first round of cowpeas that are STILL putting out.

Basil has gotten thin, and wiry so it'll be pulled up soon.

Lots of green tomatoes.

Again... dog trying to take credit. This are sweet potatoes. They grow quite a bit after a good rain.

And who knew?! Some raspberries have come out right at the end of the summer season!

Bees are all hanging on strong. For those who didn't know, Tom sold out of his first round of honey.  It doesn't look like there will be any more this year so if you didn't get on the list, you're out of luck until next Spring.