February 11, 2014

It's Time To Start the 2014 Garden!

written by Yvonne

It's February.

Time to get started on our 2014 garden.

Look how excited Honey and Olive are about getting the garden started.

It certainly is perfect weather for it. OK, so maybe TODAY isn't the day we'll start droppin' seeds into the garden beds, but when it snows it actually is the exact right time to get started. 

We filled in our seed-starting chart which helps determine when to start seeds in pots, when to start seeds directly in the beds, and when to transfer the seedlings from pots to bed, all of which revolves around the last frost date for the year. This year the last date for frost is April 11.

There are a lot of seeds to get started including: cabbage, lettuce, collards, kale, peppers, parsley, and spinach.

We managed to get a bag full of newspaper pots made before...

Honey got hold of the pot maker and used it as a chew toy!  Looks like she enjoyed the heck out of it I guess.