November 19, 2013

Another Bed Planted

written by Yvonne

Time to tackle bed #4.  It's been overgrown for some time now, and while nothing new may grow, it won't hurt anything to clean it out and throw some seeds down. So that's what I did.

After cleaning it out, I planted cabbage, 2 kinds of carrots, and Swiss chard. Tom only had enough materials for a half bed's worth of hoop house which he installed on this bed once I was done.

Wow! Look at that lettuce!

The kale gets harvested down about every two weeks now.

We'll be eating beat greens VERY soon. They need to get just a little bit larger.

Collards are getting harvested about once every three weeks now.

Wait, what's this? How did these get in here?

Looks like someone was helping to split firewood. Just get the wedge in place, pound it down with the sledgehammer a bunch of times and...

Paula Bunyan proudly shows off her fine log-splitting work.  :)

November 11, 2013

It's all Green

written by Yvonne

Tom got beds 2 and 3 buttoned up for winter.  As of now, these are the only beds we have planted.

This bed is all lettuce and spinach and it's coming along fine.

The kale has been producing like crazy. Now that we have greens coming in on a regular basis, we've gone back to using them in our smoothies every morning (vs. frozen greens).

Beets are doing well...

as are the collards.

So much for late-season tomatoes. Only took one cold snap and they bit the dust.

We went through the plants and pull off as many green tomatoes as we could.

Then we lined them up on our window sills and on the ledge between the two parts of the windows so they would hopefully ripen.

They are everywhere!  The lined-up tomatoes look like soldiers protecting the house from outside invasion.

The last batch of peppers for the year.  I sliced all these up and froze them to use throughout the winter.