August 9, 2009

A New Beginning... and it's all ours!

It has begun.

Although there is still much to do on the inside of our new home, neither of us can stand looking at the big empty potential of our back yard for much longer.

We won't get it all planted right away. And we won't likely get all four beds prepped for the winter, either. But we CAN get some plans going on paper... and that's just what I've done!

Here is a first look at a preliminary idea of what we're thinking for at least part of the back yard veggie garden.

We took numbers from the property plat and figured things out from there.

After working through the numbers we were excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. The single bed we had at Flynwood was approximately 20'x20'. ONE of the beds shown in the layout here is about 40'x32'.... and there are FOUR of them! Holy moley that's a lot of veggies ... and herbs ... and fruits ... and greens, and so much more!